1. Legal Information

As of January 1, 2013, the amendments to the VAT Code introduced by Decree-Law no. 197/2012, of August 24, 2012, enter into force: Issuance of an invoice is mandatory for all transfers of goods and services irrespective of the quality of the purchaser of the goods or the recipient of the services and even if they do not request it, whatever the sector of activity concerned; In invoices processed using computerized systems, all mandatory particulars, including the name, business name or company name and the tax identification number of the taxable person acquiring the invoice, must be inserted by the corresponding invoicing program or computer equipment; The indication on the invoice of the identification and domicile of the non-taxable purchaser or recipient is not compulsory on invoices of less than (euro) 1000, unless the purchaser or recipient requests that the invoice contain such elements; The invoice identification of the tax identification number of the non-taxable purchaser or recipient is always mandatory when he so requests (Article 29 (1) (b), 14 (15) and 16 of Article 36 (all of the CIVA); With the entry into force of these legislative changes in case the user wishes that the invoice contains their tax data they must be entered in their registry, it will not be possible to make changes subsequent to the purchase of the service and its issuance of the invoice.

2. Rules  

The Terms and Conditions stipulate the terms in which the PICKTHESERVICE service is provided and define the rules of participation of the individuals or entities registered in said service. The provision of the PICKTHESERVICE service is dependent on the full acceptance of these conditions, so any user who does not agree or does not undertake to behave according to these can not use said service. The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is exclusive to PICKTHESERVICE, which reserves the right to modify them at any time.

3. The Service

PICKTHESERVICE is an online service that provides users with an Internet site with the aim of facilitating the disclosure of intentions of disclosure or contracting of services or interpersonal communication through a classified system. Registration in PICKTHESERVICE and the placement of classified ads are free of charge (unless you wish to highlight your ad(s)).
PICKTHESERVICE does not have access to or control over the conditions of services communicated in the advertisements nor does it engage in or participate in the actual transaction between contractor and provider. Therefore, PICKTHESERVICE does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the advertised services, the truthfulness or accuracy of the services, the ability of providers to provide services, the ability of contractors to contract services, nor can it guarantee that both parties complete the transaction.

4. Access to the service

Since PICKTHESERVICE does not have uniform content, it is not possible to restrict access to the service only in accordance with a majority criterion. The legality of access to the service is dependent on the fact that no contracts of any kind, whether expensive or not, are carried out under PICKTHESERVICE, so that access to the service is allowed to users, regardless of their total legal capacity, of these. Not having a mediator of transactions, PICKTHESERVICE is not responsible for any eventuality resulting from the lack of legal capacity of the users. Any interested party may only match one record and PICKTHESERVICE may cancel any subsequent registration made by the same individual. The records in PICKTHESERVICE are personal and non-transferable, and the owner of the record is solely responsible for the actions taken with his registration.

5. General terms of use

The same advertisement can not be the subject of more than one subject to be announced; Ads that contain word manipulation or that are attributed to inappropriate categories may, according to these terms of conditions, be targets for measures that include their definitive removal; PICKTHESERVICE is not responsible for the content of the ads, hyperlinks or sources mentioned in the description of an advertisement, with the responsibility parameters for content and links described further below in this document; PICKTHESERVICE can remove or edit the descriptions placed in an ad by users, without having to mention the cause of the advertisement; PICKTHESERVICE may exclude you from using the service (eg, preventing you from logging in, from posting or replying to advertisements), when you have violated any of the terms of this term of use in this document; PICKTHESERVICE endeavors to operate properly without fail, but reserves the right to temporarily suspend its operations for technical reasons, or causes beyond the control of PICKTHESERVICE; PICKTHESERVICE is not responsible for the behavior of advertisers, or services advertised by them. By infringing in a particular advertisement the rules in force in PICKTHESERVICE, the user will assume all responsibility resulting in damages or losses before any entity, individual or collective, and PICKTHESERVICE is exempt from any type of resulting liability; PICKTHESERVICE shall not be liable for any damage that occurs following a transaction, or improper behavior of one of the parties to the transaction;

6. Users responsability

By accepting these Terms of Service, the user undertakes to: Provide and maintain true, complete and up to date personal data; Keep your access data to PICKTHESERVICE confidential and use only the registration you hold, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with the same registration, even if by third parties, with or without your authorization; Only adopt behavior which does not infringe the existing legal system or which in any way infringes legally protected positions; Do not submit offers for contracting or providing services or communication of illicit products or services or violent, provocative, offensive, racist or likely to violate the privacy or rights of others; Comply with all obligations arising from the provision and contracting of services communicated through your ads in PICKTHESERVICE; As an advertiser, assume full and exclusive responsibility for the accuracy of the ad data and its suitability for the content of the advertisement, as well as liability for the legality of the advertised article or service.

7. Ads and content

PICKTHESERVICE does not undertake to verify or approve, in a binding or systematic way, the advertisements placed on the site by the users: these are placed online automatically and without any interference or control on the part of PICKTHESERVICE. The ads integrated in the PICKTHESERVICE system, however, must meet the following basic requirements, to the responsibility of the advertiser: To be placed in the most indicated category of the service; The ads placed in the PICKTHESERVICE, should only be referring to the Offer and / or Sale, not accepting ads of Search; Advertised articles and services may not be burdened by third party rights; must have immediate availability; Do not include any service that appears in the Prohibited list; (a) Illegal copies - copies, duplicates or "back-up copies" of computer programs or audiovisual articles, including memory cards or other storage devices which offer or include, as part of the business, such copies; b) Pyramid / multi-level schemes; c) Tarot, Horoscope and / or Seers services; d) Content that violates social etiquette rules; e) Content that promotes hatred and violence, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations; f) False or false information; g) Virus or any other technology that could harm other users or even PICKTHESERVICE as a service; (h) advertising services which are competitors or not to PICKTHESERVICE; i) Explicit content for adults and / or over 18; j) Placement of means of contact (email, link / URL, telephone) in the title, description or photographs associated with the advertisement; k) Placement of tags, keywords or other terms in the title, description or images of the advertisement that have no relation with the service being advertised; l) Any content related to services that are generally morally reprehensible, such as prostitution, pyramid schemes, usury or other forms contrary to law or decency rules are the responsibility of the advertiser user and are subject to their disposal in the appropriate categories for users and in full possession of legal capacity. PICKTHESERVICE is legalized to delete the content in unlawfulness, without prejudice to the property or consequences of said act. m) The advertised Job Offer announcements must always refer expressly to the M / F Symbol and must refrain from indicating any preference for one of the sexes, in accordance with the provisions of articles 24 and 30 of the Labor Code, approved by Law no. 7/2009, of 12 February. n) The advertiser is responsible for complying with these requirements, and PICKTHESERVICE may cancel or delete without notice and at any time advertisements that do not comply with the rules set forth above. o) Advertisers authorize PICKTHESERVICE to freely use the contents corresponding to the contracting or provision of services (for example, in advertising promotions).

8. Notifications

Users agree to receive PICKTHESERVICE newsletters as well as notifications related to PICKTHESERVICE, including any changes to these Terms of Service, to the email box associated with your registration.

9. Privacy policy

The company WEVOLVED., The entity responsible for PICKTHESERVICE, values ​​the privacy of its members and in this sense undertakes to respect it, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of the data registered by users. This Privacy Statement is intended to provide users with the conditions of Security and Privacy, and only the data necessary for the provision of the service are requested and collected, according to the explicit indications on the website. You are free to access, correct, or delete your data. We assume the following commitments with the users: To process the data in a lawful and fair way, gathering only the necessary information; Allow the data subject to access and correct information about him / her; Keep the data accurate and, if necessary, current; Guarantee free of charge the right to delete the data used when required by the holder; Possess security mechanisms that prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of the data by unauthorized person to do so.

10. Privacy policy - collection of personal data

PICKTHESERVICE can be viewed without the need for any personal information. However, there are areas - such as the placement of advertisements - that require the provision of information, and it is necessary for users to provide their personal data, so that they can make use of the services provided. The collection of user identification data will be done by completing an online registration form and will occur according to the strictest security rules. The user, when registering on PICKTHESERVICE, provides personal information, such as the name, e-mail address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. required to subscribe to the website services and newsletters. The collected data is entered into the computer system, where it is processed automatically under the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), and the data is destined to the service management of PICKTHESERVICE. Wevolved guarantees the registered user the possibility, under the terms of Law nº 67/98, of 26 October, to access their personal data through their personal page and to update and correct them. PICKTHESERVICE can retrieve and store device-specific information (such as hardware model, operating system version, unique product identifiers, and mobile network information, including phone number). PICKTHESERVICE can associate your device identifiers or phone number with your Account. When you use a PICKTHESERVICE service that can identify your location, we can obtain, store and process location information in real time, such as GPS signals sent by a mobile device. In addition, we can use various technologies to determine where you are, such as sensor data from your mobile device that can, for example, provide information on nearby Wi-Fi or mobile network access points. Your PICKTHESERVICE session can be recorded for aggregate and anonymous analysis to interpret site usage patterns and continuously improve service levels and user satisfaction. PICKTHESERVICE may use third parties to carry out advertising activities and monitor marketing communications. PICKTHESERVICE uses Google Analytics for Display services, namely the remarketing feature. This is to show ads to users who have visited the picktheservice.com site. Users can choose not to be part of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers and be exposed to Google Display Network ads by visiting the Ads Preferences Manager and the Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. PICKTHESERVICE uses remarketing to advertise online, which means that users who do not opt-out of the Google Display Network using the above methods may be exposed to PICKTHESERVICE ads on the Google content network. Third parties such as Google may display PICKTHESERVICE ads on sites on your content network. Third parties such as Google may use Cookies (such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick cookies) that serve to optimize ads based on information from past visits from users on the PICKTHESERVICE website.

11. Other services

Other services that may arise later and that require the introduction of personal data and / or their entities are covered by Wevolved`s privacy and security policy, referred to in this document.

12. Security and quality of information

It is our objective to guarantee the quality and integrity of the information provided by PICKTHESERVICE users, and in this sense, the necessary measures have been implemented, both technologically and organizationally, in order to keep information safe, accurate, up-to-date and complete. To ensure maximum security, in the areas of PICKTHESERVICE where the personal data of the users are collected, its transmission is encrypted. PICKTHESERVICE is not liable for any damages caused to users by the transmission of files from third parties, [namely by sending attachments to the responses to advertisers].

13. Sharing of personal information

The personal information collected is used by PICKTHESERVICE to enable the online classified service to be provided in order to communicate the intentions of contracting and rendering services, for the issuance of proof of payment in the case of services that require such payment and sharing of ads and businesses between the Wevolved network sites. The personal data contained in the curriculum vitae, collected through PICKTHESERVICE, are included in the database registered with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) in case 102/09, in the name of FIXEADS, Lda., Being absolutely confidential and used exclusively by this entity to know the identification and preference of its customers and processed automatically according to Law 67/98 of October 26. In addition, PICKTHESERVICE may provide personal data to competent legal entities in cases where such data are requested by such entities following investigations into illegal, fraudulent, industrial or intellectual property rights infringement. PICKTHESERVICE may also authorize the use of this data by other companies and entities for marketing and telemarketing campaigns.

14. Links

PICKTHESERVICE contains links to other sites and PICKTHESERVICE is not responsible for the privacy or content policies of those sites.

15. Terms of placement of paid highlights

The placement of ads with paid highlights is dependent on prepayment, under the terms defined in our Tariff, which is an integral part of these General Conditions of Use. Linking individual highlights does not change the normal duration of the ads (duration of 4 - four - weeks). The duration of the highlights depends on the chosen duration, which can range from 1 (one) to 4 (four) weeks; At the end of the period referred to in Point 1, the User may renew the advertisement for an equal period, making the prepayment as defined; The conclusion of the business before the expiration of the period of placement of the advertisement defined in Point 1, does not give the User the reimbursement of any amount for not using the advertisement up to the maximum of its duration; The ads must comply with the conditions indicated in the "Content and Ads" section of the Terms and Conditions of Service; Any advertisement that does not meet the required conditions or in any way damages the normal operation of the Service Provider`s website may be removed, canceled or deleted; The User may, at any time, edit active advertisements through the user area, being prevented from changing the category of the advertisement; The User may at any time delete active advertisements without any right to reimbursement of the amount paid for the placement of the advertisement on the Service Provider`s website; For security reasons, the Service Provider may postpone the listing of advertisements (new or later edited by the User), User contacts and annotations or images of the ads and, if they do not meet the required conditions, the advertisements may be deactivated or deleted without prior notice; Amounts paid for optional highlights, ads and Packages are not refunded or refunded in any case, including in case of termination of use of the picktheservice.com service; By placing the advertisement on the Service Provider`s website, the User grants to the first all rights to the text and images used in the advertisement and authorizes the user to use the texts and images of the ads for promotional or advertising purposes; PICKTHESERVICE reserves the right to remove images, used in ads on the Front Page; The First Page spotlight ensures rotating exposure on the PICKTHESERVICE home page, search results for the ad category and region; You are not allowed to edit ads as long as they encounter the Active First Page Feature.

16. Statistical log files

The IP addresses of all connections made to PICKTHESERVICE are registered. This information will be used to perform aggregate statistical analysis. The information will be analyzed in an aggregated and anonymous way. The data used for this purpose do not contain personal identification data or private information. Analyzes made from aggregated statistical information will be made to interpret site usage patterns and continuously improve service levels and user satisfaction. The aggregate statistical information resulting from the analyzes may be disclosed to third parties or publicly.

17. Changing privacy practices

If PICKTHESERVICE changes your privacy practices, they will always be available at this location. For further clarification on the privacy policy, please contact PICKTHESERVICE via the contact form.

18. About Cookies

What are cookies? Cookies are files that have small pieces of information that are downloaded from your device when you visit a website. What are cookies for? They help the Website memorize information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and make the Website more useful to you. Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the Web would be a much more frustrating experience. Cookies increase the efficiency of browsing websites. Sure you`ve already added an ad as a favorite on PICKTHESERVICE, and after a few days, when you returned PICKTHESERVICE, did you find that your ad was still a favorite? This is one example of using cookies. Why do we use cookies? The use of cookies on the internet is customary and does not harm users` computers. Cookies perform a number of functions, such as assisting webmasters to understand how they are used, facilitating their browsing, preserving their preferences and, in general, improving their user experience, while ensuring that the website shows you relevant content. What kind of cookies do we use? PICKTHESERVICE uses the following types of cookies: Permanent cookies - these are cookies that are stored at the browser level in your access devices (PC, mobile and tablet) and are used whenever you re-visit one of our websites. Session cookies - These are temporary cookies that remain in your browser`s cookie file until you leave the website. The information obtained by these cookies serves to analyze patterns of web traffic, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.