Frequently asked questions

How do I active a promocional code?

To activate a promotional code you must have a PICK the SERVICE account, make the LOGIN, in your Personal Area go to the "Payments" tab and then to the "Promotional Code" sub-menu, on this page you can enter all the "Codes" and also has the listing of all codes used.

What is the PICKTHESERVICE account balance for?

The Account Balance serves to highlight an ad within its category, for more views and more contacts, it also serves to buy themes for your personal page

Uploading the PICKTHESERVICE account

To load the PICK the Service account you must go to your Personal Area, and click on the "Load Account" button at the top top of the border of the profile photo. Then you only have to choose the loading package you want and use one of the available payment methods.

How to remove an annotation in PICKTHESERVICE

The ad automatically exits after 30 business days without interaction by the owner of the ad, if you want to remove before the normal time, you must go to your Profile Area, click on "My Ads" -> "Assets" after that you see the listing of ads you have and there is a button to remove ad "Disable Ad" by clicking this button it automatically leaves the site and is saved in your archived ads.

See statistics of an ad in PICKTHESERVICE

Go to your Profile Area, click on "My Ads" -> "Assets", after this you will see the list of ads that have and there has a button to see statistics of the Ad "Ad Statistics", when clicking on this button it automatically takes you to a page with all ad statistics.

Difference between archiving and deleting an advertisement

When you`re in your ads and want to remove an ad, when you click to disable the ad, it will go into an archived state (only you can see it), if you want to remove it, you`ll have to go to the archived ads and click "Remove Ads" , by doing this action the ad is removed at once.

Contacts to the PICKTHESERVICES ads

Each time a user sees your ad and wants to contact you, they will write in the Mail box, then you will receive a new contact E-Mail and create the dialog box in your Profile Area to be able to wake up with the customer or a meeting..
All Contacts and Messages stays in your Profile Area, in the "Messages" tab.

How can you protect yourself?

A pick the services alert
  • Do not accept payments by check.
  • Beware of false proof of payment.
  • Avoid prepayments by bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram or other similar payment services.
  • The "Nigerian letters" are intended to induce you to send money or goods out of Portugal. For your protection, we recommend that you do not consider this type of negotiation, since in most cases it is fraudulent business attempts.

Can my ad be removed?

PICKTHESERVICE reserves the right to edit or remove any advertisement that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions of use of this service. Before publishing an ad make sure that the rules are all complied with.

What type of ads are forbidden in PICKTHESERVICE?

  • Services illegal copies - copies, duplicates or "back-ups" of computer programs or audiovisual articles, including memory cards or other storage devices that offer or include, as part of the business, such copies;
  • Drugs, narcotics and tobacco;
  • Equipment for the unblocking or visualization of encoded video signals - according to Portuguese legislation currently in force (in particular through Decree-Law 176/2007 of 8 May), it is illegal to "acquire, use, own or hold in any capacity whatsoever" of devices that allow unrestricted access to conditioned, ie, coded services that require a payment for their viewing, such as for example Zon or MEO encoded channels;
  • Medications or medical / pharmaceutical tests;
  • Pyramid / multi-level schemes;
  • Affiliate programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships;
  • Replicas and counterfeits;
  • Tarot, Horoscope and / or Seer Services;
  • Illegal services (such as prostitution);
  • Explicit content for adults and / or for those over 18;

PICKTHESERVICE checks or mediate the contacts?

  • PICKTHESERVICE does not mediate any contact.
  • You will do the transactions yourself, by contacting the Seller.
  • For a safe purchase we recommend that you always use the following purchase process:
  • Make an Initial Contact with the seller (Phone or e-mail)
  • Meet the seller (Always in person and in a public place).
  • See and evaluate the good (If you find that the price requested by the seller in the ad does not fit the actual state of the item this is the time to negotiate it)
  • Carry out the transaction (preferably in cash)

Securitie - Phishing

Did your account have a Phishing attack?

It means that your personal account has been accessed by third parties. This happens when third parties have access to your personal data and use it improperly to place fraudulent information. Thus, for your safety, the PICKTHESERVICE can power- block your account, in order to prevent eventual access and preserve the integrity of it. We also inform that this type of situation is out of our scope since messages are being sent directly from the user to the user without going through our system. Therefore PICKTHESERVICE is not liable for any damages that may be caused to it during this process.

Here are some steps to help you stay safe:

  • When you access any site, make sure that your address bar displays "https:" as it denotes a secure connection.
  • When creating a new email address, choose a password other than a simple guessing word / date: include numbers and special characters ("# $% & / *) and never share it with anyone else.
  • Check the security options that your email server offers you: enable 2-step verification: this verification allows you to associate your email with a telephone contact and as such, your email can only be accessed upon receipt of an SMS with a randomly generated code.
  • Never click links from unknown senders and remember that PICK the Service never asks you for any data verification after the initial registration is complete: always check the address from which the messages are sent to you.

If you need any additional help, please contact us using the contact form so that you can provide all the information you want to ensure that you can continue to do your business safely.

Find services in other countries

A PICK the Service automatically detects the country where you are from, to access the page, if you want to find a service in another country without being what you are, you can go to the section below on the page and change the country


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