Here we explain step by step how picktheservice works

Welcome to Pick the Service


To start creating ads you need to have a login.

  1. If you are not yet registered, you need to go to the registration page Visualize step
  2. If you are already a user just login. Visualize step
  3. After logging in you will go to your personal page where you can consult various information and edit them Visualize step
  4. To create a new ad simply click on the button which is always available at the top of the “advertise” page and it will lead you to the page where you can create your first ad Visualize step
  5. After filling in the first page of information you will be taken to another page where you can highlight your ad. Visualize step
  6. If there is no error, the ad is ready to be published, if you are not sure what you want to advertise, you can save it in the drafts and edit it again later Visualize step
  7. Once posted, your ad will be present on “my ads>active tab” and can be viewed. Visualize step
  8. In the ads listing, others users can view your ad, comment on it, and even send you messages about it. Visualize step
  9. If you want to send a message just fill in the message field on the page and your message will be saved in your personal area in “my messages>sent” Visualize step
  10. On this page you can view “sent messages” and reply back to the advertiser. Visualize step
  11. To highlight your ads you’ll need to upload your account in order to benefit from the services.
  12. All movements are recorded in the payments tab where you can also load the account and use promotional code.
  13. In the personal data tab, you have the option to edit your personal information and your password (just if you created the account with an email). Visualize step
  14. In the footer you can consult our terms and conditions, our faqs - if you have any questions - and contact us, you can also change the country by definition.
  15. On the main page you’ll have access to the featured ads and you’ll be able to search ads by categories. Visualize step
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